How to run an online business and BE a MUM at the same time!

I get asked a lot “how do I cope managing an online business, a house and looking after 2 kids whilst busily growing another one?” (#34WeeksPregnantNow). To be perfectly honest, if I sat back and thought about it, I would have to say, “organisation, determination and a very supportive husband” #ActuallyIDontKnow

These past couple of weeks though have been a little more challenging than usual. My husband has been away surfing in the Maldives (#AsYouDo) and had to go away for work as well, so the family unit has been me, myself and I. And some days I certainly felt like I didn’t even exist or wanted to sit down in a corner and cry!

On any given day, I am usually battling a 2 year old who thinks she is 10, a 4 year old who thinks she is 20 and all the moods that come with that. The terrible two’s is a thing people! I’m sure anyone who has a 2 year old or has had a two year old can relate. One minute you are their best friend and the next you are being yelled out for handing them the wrong coloured cup of cordial. #truestory

In between the cordial, toys thrown from one room to another and 4 sets of clothing changes each day, I manage to run my own online Scandinavian inspired kids wear and fashion boutique. Not only do we sell gorgeous toddler and girls dresses, skirts and accessories, but we make and manufacture our range as well. This might be why you haven’t seen anything quite like it in the shops.

“Managing an online business as a Mum is a juggling act, but it is so rewarding at the same time”

In order to get through a typical day you need to be organised. For me, the day is set before I even get out of bed with what needs to be accomplished. A good way to do this is with a to-do list. Your to-do list should be numbered with the most important tasks first and then the least important at the bottom. The key I think is trying and tick them all off as tomorrow there is always a new list to do! Try to not make your list unattainable and fill it with tasks you know you just won’t get to. I have found by doing this you just end up feeling negative and the overwhelm of your list makes it harder to even start.

My other motivating factor is the 2 little people that make my day oh so interesting. I love having the freedom to be home with them and watch them grow. So for me that gives me the determination to make my business successful. They are also my little models. It’s so much fun designing new clothing pieces just so I can see what my girls look like in them! I believe without determination you can’t have a truly successful business.

“Working from home and being a work at home Mum is hard at the best of times. Your business needs to be your release.”

The other thing I find really important is time management. Along with my general list of things to do and being organised, I’ve found that outsourcing business tasks has helped. As Mums, we quickly learn that we can’t do it all… although we damn well try! There is always something that has to be either put on the back burner or reassigned. I feel privileged that I can outsource some of the business tasks that otherwise would take up too much time. Not long ago I read that you need to work on your business and not in your business. By outsourcing smaller daily tasks, I am able to dedicate my time to growing my business and designing the next big hit in designer kids clothing! #WatchoutAustralia

I would love to hear how you manage your day. Even if you aren’t managing an online business just being a Mum can be tough. How do you survive the day?

Get Ready For a Kids Fashion Boutique With a Difference

You’ve heard it all before… the party line from each new fashion boutique about how they are unique and different from the others and they are there for you. It is in nearly every about us page on the internet.

Move across to the bigger fashion labels and you don’t even get that. You are literally buying a brand.

In reality, when you get to looking a little deeper, they are all the same. In some cases, you can’t even tell one brand apart from another with each fashion trend mimicking the other. They all offer the same service (if you’re lucky) and the product is also the same.

Now come across to a true boutique fashion store and you are greeted with the same about us spiel, but this time it is true. Truly unique fashion that you don’t see in the department stores. Fashion that is designed with your child in mind, not fashion for the moment. You won’t see popular pieces introduced to look good to boost the pockets of a few CEOs here! #WeLiveInTheRealWorld

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Read how this Mum is taking on the World

bo and fleur the mum behind the mayhem

The fact you are here and have found my blog makes me so excited. Do you know how hard it is to get seen by you lovely folks these days with life flying past so quickly. Hint, it’s hard!

So, now that you are here, I wanted to take some time out to introduce myself and share a little about Bo and Fleur.

Hello, my name is Auke and I am originally from a tiny little town called Waalre, which is based in Holland. You’ve probably never heard of it, but that is ok 🙂 So how did I end up in Australia? Well funny story actually and it doesn’t go how you would expect it to, but then when does life ever go how you imagine!

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