Our Story

how it all started

Bo and Fleur began as a little social media shop, selling spirited little girls’ skirts and unique headband pieces for babies. As a “mumtrepeneur” of two little girls called Bo and Fleur, I left my corporate career behind me and decided to continue my studies in Fashion Design (yes, mums on maternity leave can be delusional and make bold decisions).

When shopping I struggled to find skirts that were both bold and fun for my Mini-Me’s. I knew I had to act fast if I didn’t want my two little girls to be at risk of  blending in with everyone and above all I didn’t want them to miss out on the best of my European background where everyone lives and breathes fashion.

That’s how the idea came to create comfy skirts for little girls with stylish and energetic prints, inspired by European culture. My kids clothing collections aren’t always about following the latest trends and are not always seasonal; it’s about creating beautiful simple designs with bold prints that little girls can enjoy.  Six months later with a teeny weeny baby and a wild 2 year-old tomboy, I established my brand: Bo and Fleur. My first collection had a Scandinavian feel to it.

We aim to come up with more designer shift dresses, tops and leggings for kids in the near future. We believe that the future belongs to the little things that grow, like our youngsters.

our philosophy

Our skirts are both funky and playful, as kids’ garments should be. We particularly focus on selling clothing that allows kids to be kids – that means comfy clothing without compromising style. Bo and Fleur skirts are there for the little ones that are not afraid to wear something more daring to express their own unique story. As we would say @ BoandFleur; “Feel daring in the print but comfy in the fit”.

100% Australian made

Bo and Fleur garments are all 100% made in Sydney Australia, which allows us more control over the production process and delivers a higher quality product. It is also important to us to boost the economy we live in.

Our skirts are made with soft elastic waistbands, which make them wearable as your little one grows. So combined with good quality fabrics, you will buy once but well with Bo and Fleur; as your little one can wear it for up to 2 years.

how do i feel and look?

Our collection is mostly made of cotton. Our summer collections has a Scandinavian feel to it with its easy design principles and stylish, colourful prints. Using hipster-neon-coloured pockets, long sophisticated bows and cute pom poms will make your little ones love these garments even more.

Each product description includes some styling tips for mums. I thought it would be a great little extra for busy mums that don’t have time to think about styling up our Bo and Fleur gear.