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bo and fleur the mum behind the mayhem

The fact you are here and have found my blog makes me so excited. Do you know how hard it is to get seen by you lovely folks these days with life flying past so quickly. Hint, it’s hard!

So, now that you are here, I wanted to take some time out to introduce myself and share a little about Bo and Fleur.

Hello, my name is Auke and I am originally from a tiny little town called Waalre, which is based in Holland. You’ve probably never heard of it, but that is ok 🙂 So how did I end up in Australia? Well funny story actually and it doesn’t go how you would expect it to, but then when does life ever go how you imagine!

From the time I can remember, I always loved to travel. For some reason I always felt like leaving Holland to explore the world further. My heart always goes back for my family, but something kept on telling me I needed to spread my wings.

I lived in Germany and Spain for my studies and after completing my Bachelor Degree in International Business in the Netherlands, I decided to go on a big adventure #AsYouDo ! For some reason, Germany and Spain just wasn’t enough. I had every intention of returning to my hometown one day, but you know what they say about the best made plans…

My travels took me to so many amazing places that you just can’t imagine, but it was in South America where everything took a turn for the unexpected. A good unexpected.

In a random moment of youth, I hopped on the back of a lovely gentleman’s motorbike and we trekked all the way up from South Argentina to Columbia in the North. Adventures aplenty that’s for sure!

Following that gentleman lead me to the beautiful country I now call home, Australia.

That lovely gentleman was Phill, not knowing then that he was going to be my future husband…

See how chance meetings can totally change your life. A Dutch meeting an Australian in South America… what are the odds!

We now have two gorgeous little girls, Lily Bo and Sasha Fleur, who are the inspiration behind Bo and Fleur. I am also due to have our third child in June. Yes the crazy 3, so our lives are going to be even more full and busy. And yep, we are doing it the old fashioned way… it’s a surprise! I may need to re-brand to Bo and Fleur + 1 though! #Kidding #MaybeNotKidding

As I said, my girls were (and still are) the inspiration for Bo and Fleur. I decided that once my second daughter was born, the corporate world I had accustomed myself to, just wasn’t the right fit anymore. Corporate and family just didn’t mix for me. After all, how can you go to work with baby formula on your perfectly pressed shirt. #Awkward

So, I decided to pursue my other passion which is fashion. Whilst on maternity leave I continued with my fashion studies (because doing crazy things when you are on maternity leave is really a thing!). And here we are today… changing the little lives of Australian kids.

I love travelling, fashion and family is my first priority. I enjoy going fishing with the family and watching the smallest little things excite my kids. It is so precious how they find joy in a tadpole swimming against the bank. The small things we forget to look at and admire as adults.

I look forward to meeting you all and hearing your stories and sharing your kids journeys in true Bo and Fleur fashion.

Love Auke x




  1. Auke, it’s lovely seeing your story written down. It has been a pleasure seeing your brand grow. You are like a avalanche, you get going and your projects take on such a force, growing bigger and more powerful with all the effort and love you put into it. I wish you slept more, but your passion is your business, and when the family is in bed, you are filling orders, thinking up new designs and do all the other stuff you do (makes me exhausted just to think of it). XXX Nata

    1. Hi Natascha, well you are my inspiration and the teacher who taught me so many things.. he he!!! Thank you for your kind words. It is my passion but does exhaust me at times as well, lol, yes I am human too 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing your story Auke. It’s so inspiring to hear about your journey and how you turned your passion into a business. The designs are amazing. Can’t wait for the next collection! Hoping to see you stocked in US stores soon!

  3. Thanks for sharing your journey! The big question is when are you going to start designing gorgeous boy clothes!! Keep up the hard work……. L

  4. I honestly don’t know how you fit it all in, but amazing to grow your family and your business at the same time, doing something you are truly passionate about, is a wonderful thing. You can sleep later, right?!

  5. Hey sis, great story. I’m so proud of you how you managed to built your own company. great website and great designs, but that must be easy when your kids are your inspiration.

    “dreams come true for them, strong enough to believe in”

    Love you

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