Get Ready For a Kids Fashion Boutique With a Difference

You’ve heard it all before… the party line from each new fashion boutique about how they are unique and different from the others and they are there for you. It is in nearly every about us page on the internet.

Move across to the bigger fashion labels and you don’t even get that. You are literally buying a brand.

In reality, when you get to looking a little deeper, they are all the same. In some cases, you can’t even tell one brand apart from another with each fashion trend mimicking the other. They all offer the same service (if you’re lucky) and the product is also the same.

Now come across to a true boutique fashion store and you are greeted with the same about us spiel, but this time it is true. Truly unique fashion that you don’t see in the department stores. Fashion that is designed with your child in mind, not fashion for the moment. You won’t see popular pieces introduced to look good to boost the pockets of a few CEOs here! #WeLiveInTheRealWorld

Bo and Fleur is all about creating something for kids that gives them a sense of uniqueness or a way to express their own individuality. Our range of designer kids clothing is based on simple design principles, which enables them to BE KIDS, whilst developing their own individual style.

We do this by choosing from a range of bold and energetic prints that instantly grab kids attention. Intertwining Scandinavian inspiration, we enjoy being creative with contrasting sleeves and pockets and that is how I think you can instantly spot the Bo and Fleur brand. There is always a tiny little detail that is different. #NavyandMelonPinkAnyone?

At Bo and Fleur we dream to enable your kids to express their own style and give them confidence in who they are now, paving the way for later in their lives. Kids love to express themselves and show off their individuality and they do this in the most unassuming way.

Unique doesn’t only extend to the fashion table. We believe a business is a community, sharing stories, helping each other out and battling motherhood together. At Bo and Fleur we strive to be a part of our community and love the freedom we get to work with charities through what we do. It’s what makes the business worth while and why we get up every morning.

Fashion with a difference is something that is often quoted, but rarely delivers. We’ve decided to coin that phrase and take it to the level of reality. #WatchThisSpace

What is your favourite unique colour combination? Let us know and we’ll see if we can include it in next seasons range.



  1. I love how practical Bo and Fleur fashions are! Of course they look great but we have lots of outfits that look great but are kept in the cupboard for special occasions because they aren’t comfortable or practical. Not our Bo and Fleur! We get a lot of wear out of them because they are so comfortable, practical and durable yet still look great! Perfect combo for kids fashion! My fave strange colour combo is purple and orange. I’d love to see something purple with an orange contrast!

    1. Hi Sheridan, Thanks so much for your kind words. I am glad your girls are looking stylish but feeling comfortable as well 🙂 That is what Bo and Fleur is all about; creating stylish but comfy clothing so KIDS can be KIDS! I love your purple orange request! I will defo keep that in mind! x Auke

  2. Totally love your style! I can pick a bo and fleur skirt anywhere! They are truly unique 😍 You are one clever mumma xx

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