Scandinavian Kids Fashion Comes To Town

Scandinavian style has hit Australia hard. The clean sleek lines, minimalist styling and crisp retro inspired fun that is the Scandi way. They have empowered us in their interior design and now their fashion styles are becoming hot commodities.

So what is Scandinavian kids fashion anyway and what is the fuss?

Well firstly, lets start with the who. Scandinavia isn’t a country, it is a region comprising mainly of 3 countries, Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Each is as individual as the next, but they are all under one umbrella when it comes to the rest of the world. You can then venture out to the Nordic region which also includes Finland, Iceland and Greenland.

Now we know where it is, what makes Scandinavian style so unique and such a fascination amongst fashionistas?

Scandinavian style has a fun retro feel to it. It is minimal, clean and has daring use of colour. It also never seems to really go out of fashion which is probably the main appeal. It breathes their simple relaxed lifestyle that I think we all aim to achieve and it is what draws us into it.

Bo and Fleur breathes the Scandinavian style from a secret love affair with the region. #CanYouTell

Now, as you know, I am not Scandinavian, but there is just an aura about it.

I have always had a strong love for Scandinavian design. I think the secret in Scandinavian design lays in the simplicity and the clean designs that appeal to people and that gives me a certain sense of who I am.

I love the colours too and some of the fabrics of Scandinavian furniture. I could easily picture any of them on my little girls in some form or another. Scandinavian brands I really like are: moi-kidz, mini rodini, LIVLY and GARBO & FRIENDS.

It is everything about them that fascinates me. From their relaxed lifestyle to the fact you see dads on paternity leave. There’s even a magazine, Pappa, just for the Dads! It is so different from here in Australia.

Besides having arguably the best parental leave in the universe (16 months paid, I know #LetsAllMoveToNorway!), I think I just have a crush on Scandinavia.

So with that in mind, you can see where the Bo and Fleur inspiration for Scandinavian Kids Fashion has come from. The bright contrasting colours, simple styling and gorgeous fabrics that kids, and parents, just love!

What is your favourite thing about Scandinavian style and design?



  1. No wonder these countries are always so high on the happiest countries in the world list! I love your styles because kids look great in bold colours and I am so tired of pink and blue 🙂

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